Because getting shift done is hard

A community inspiring and supporting creative people forging change in the world and within.

Whether you're starting out, stuck, seeking change, or wanting to level up as a leader, this is where you'll find the tools and support you need to be successful and effect (r)evolution in the way you do your work.

So… What is it exactly?

Ed Shift assists creative humans to forge change, doing the work that matters to you, as well as assisting you in developing your leadership.

As creatives, Architects, Landscape Architects, Design Professionals or Artists, we can find ourselves doing our best thinking for our clients, forgetting to utilise our design thinking skills for ourselves. Ed Shift is a space for creatives to instead do work for yourselves. A space for support, connection, resources, coaching, accountability & identifying blind spots. Building your skills and abilities, in addition to taking them further by using the skills you already have.

Ed Shift recognises that everyone is different, accommodating everyone where they’re at in the world, working with your unique skills and abilities. Some people need a lot some a little, but when you join us we promise to provide:

Support | Insights | Resources | Community | Accountability | Live events | Workshops | Coaching | The right question(s)

If the answers you’re coming up with are wrong for you, perhaps it’s the questions that are wrong. At Ed Shift we like to ask the insightful questions and assist you in moving forward. Better questions lead to better answers and outcomes.

At Ed Shift we’ve got your back, there’s no need to struggle alone.

What am I going to get out of it?

Personal Design & Leadership Skills

We’ll assist you to better harness your creative skills. Utilising them to further yourself and achieve what you are seeking to do in the world.

You'll become more comfortable in making changes you were too afraid to embrace, changes you didn’t know were possible or those changes required but you didn’t know you needed.

You will become someone that is excited to leap into new areas, doing new or better work and going further with it.

If you're stuck in a position from which you can’t shift, we'll help you become unstuck.

You will become a leader and a better leader.

What are others getting out of it?

Ed Shift’s founder, Michael Lewarne, has coached people from many different backgrounds, not just creatives. Holding space, seeing and hearing them, asking the right questions and introducing them to new tools. Forging insights, facilitating new approaches and materialising opportunities previously unforeseen. Helping to achieve what they hadn't thought possible.

Michael is, however, merely a part of this process. The strength is in the community and what everyone brings, in understanding that you are not alone, that you don’t need to put in the work alone. Everyone has abilities and insights that they can contribute along with supporting each other in their work.

These possibilities and work are an infinite game, we are all here to play.

Introducing your host, Michael Lewarne

Michael is an architect, coach and artist. Committed to supporting creative professionals making change happen individually and in the world. In changing creative humans, Michael also aspires to change and positively build the culture of the creative professions. Changing the culture to be more connected, more inclusive and to embody better leadership. Building the profile and value of creative professions. Bringing positive change to humans and the world.

Michael's cultural leadership is embodied through a range of roles and projects. Establishing Ed Shift as a community supporting each other in getting shift done. He is a coach in Seth Godin’s altMBA. He's the Vice-President of the Association of Consulting Architects (NSW/ACT). He's also run an architectural practice for well over ten years, Redshift Architecture & Art, spanning architecture, it’s edges, as well as public art. He writes regularly about various concepts and practice on Ed Shift,  Redshift's Blog, on Medium and embraces possibility.

Michael is unceasingly seeking to expand the nature and boundaries of our lives & work, in a style that is creative, critical, constructive and positively contributes to the way we navigate the challenges of the world.

I’m keen. What do I do?

It’s pretty simple to start.

Request to Join: Everyone is welcome, we have 3 brief questions to answer. We like to know a little bit about the people in the room as we invite them in.

Engage: We’ll be posting, questions, articles or thinking. Jump in, let us know your thoughts or let us know how we can support you.

Commit to making things happen: Nothing happens until you commit to doing something. It doesn’t have to be big, but make a start. The first step might simply be joining.


What does it cost? It’s FREE to join the Ed Shift Community. Workshops and one on one coaching will attract an investment.

Am I locked in once I join? No you can join and stay for as long or short a period of time as you want. We’d love you to be a part of our community, but we understand that it may not be for everyone.

Why doesn’t Ed Shift exist on any other social media or web platforms? Rather than spreading our resources too thinly we want to focus all our energies in one spot. Building a confidential and supportive environment, free from the distractions and noise that permeates other media spaces.

Do you spam us with information and offers, or sell on the information to third parties? We try to keep our communications to a minimum, we know these things can overwhelm. This platform also allows you to customise all notifications, to a lot or a little. All aspect of this space are confidential and we do not pass on information of any sort to third parties.

I'm not sure that I want to join yet. Is there any way of staying in contact? Yes, please join our mailing list. We respect your overloaded Inbox and will only be sending out the occasional email to let you know about upcoming events.

Have more questions? Shoot through an email. I’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you’ve got! 

Don’t hesitate. There’s already a lot of resources here. Please join & take a look around.

Joining? There’s a Button for you at the top.
We can’t wait to meet you.

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